Automating your finance & accounting process is one of the best ways to increase productivity, reduce errors and save time.

Automate Finance & Accounting Resources

Let robots do complex financial and accounting reports, tax payments, converting orders into invoices and tracking them. Get rid of repetitive tasks every month, every day, and bring new visions to the company while learning about new trends.

Popular Integrations

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Invoince Process

Order Management


Task Management

sample use cases

Wake-up Service

Wake Up Service

User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

User Onboarding

User Onboarding

Application Integrations

Virtual Server Provisioning

Virtual Server Provisioning

Whatsapp Chatbot for ITSM

Whatsapp Chatbot for ITSM



Omni-channel integration for colloborative event and incident management.


Available for native cloud applications and integrations


No Code / Low Code platform for integration, automation and AI needs.

Vendor Independent

Thanks to easy integration, the chance to use the products of the best different manufacturers in the field.


Ready to use integration bots. iPaaS allows to standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization.

Two-Way Integration

Seamless and reliable integration thanks to two-way communication between applications.​


Continually machine learning modals on the fly. Drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows.​

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