The Advantages and Disadvantages of Integration Platforms (iPaaS)

benefits of iPaaS

The benefits of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) are becoming increasingly evident in the modern digital landscape. With iPaaS, businesses can quickly and efficiently integrate various applications and data sources, streamlining their operations and reducing the costs associated with manual integration. It also allows organisations to quickly and easily access new technologies while providing […]

Strengthen Your ITSM and Monitoring (ITOM) Application with Integrations

ITOM and ITSM integrations

Deliver the right customer experience, in real-time, with the right technology. Integration is the key that unlocks new possibilities and fully maximises ITSM and Monitoring ITOM application potential.⁣ Figure out the tasks you’re currently doing manually and how these tasks can be automated with ITSM and ITOM integrations.⁣ The success of a business depends on […]

What is ERP Integration and How Does It Work?

What is ERP integration

Integrating ERP, CRM, and marketing workflows may seem too good to be true, but it’s possible and easy. The answer is ERP integration. Imagine the control you can have with all these tools & flows working together, with each tool powering one facet of your company. When that happens, you will not just have less […]

Top Automation Trends that are Transforming RPA, iPaaS, and Automation


Automation is the buzzword of the 2020s, and it’s in constant evolution. As a PaaS company that specialises in automation and integration technologies, we’ve made a list of the top emerging automation trends that’ll transform the technology. Automation is a system of rapid growth, continuous innovation and wider adoption. For this reason, automation has never […]

6 Barriers to Digital Transformation

digitalisation barriers

In an era where digital transformation is mandatory, you may not believe that there are still so many barriers. As a company that evolves the way businesses work, we have some answers and solutions to digitalisation barriers. Read our blog to see how you can answer the most common digitalisation barriers. Digital transformation creates a […]

RPA Use Cases: 8 Industries That RPA Transforms

rpa use cases

In today’s digital era, many industries rely on automated systems. This is mainly caused by technological developments that build faster corporate infrastructures and higher customer expectations. Automated systems are faster, more reliable, and more efficient than conventional workforce structures. The most commonly-used automation technology, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), is easily adopted by many industries. Thanks […]

5 Reasons Why Finance Automation is Essential for Growth

finance automation benefits & use cases

Nowadays, the financial industry can no longer be regarded as being independent of automation. Finance automation is one of the most heavily funded industries, and the pace is rising.  Accenture estimates that 80% of financial operations could be automated, freeing up financial experts from routine jobs that take up 60–75% of employee time. In order […]

6 Accounting Automation Use Cases That Speed Up the Process

accounting automation use cases

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the most frequently used technologies in business and commerce. A great deal of time and effort can be saved by automating tedious work processes by using software robots that can perform specific task sequences. One of the most popular areas where RPA is used is accounting automation and […]

4 Marketing Automation Use Cases to Streamline Marketing Processes

marketing automation use cases

Digital marketing automation involves automating repetitive marketing tasks so that more time can be dedicated to research and imaginative concept presentation. Utilising many automation technologies on the market is possible. You only need to determine which area of your company can be automated and which solutions are suitable for the quantity of labour involved. In […]

How to Improve Sales Processes with Automation

sales automation rpa use cases

For all industries, the necessity of automation in sales has significantly increased. Your company has the chance to outperform its rivals through the use of sales automation. Plan your approach, pick the software that best suits your requirements, and then experiment and improve for greater effectiveness. It goes without saying that one of the most […]