New Partner Announcement : Vitel

New Partner Announcement: Vitel!

Autom Mate, a leading automation and integration platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with Vitel, a premier IT solutions provider in Turkey. Vitel’s extensive experience and widespread distribution network in the Turkish IT marketplace, combined with Autom Mate’s innovative automation and integration platform, will provide a powerful solution for businesses seeking to streamline their operations and enhance their customer experience.

Vitel’s strong engineering and site survey capabilities and its demo and PoC facilities will complement Autom Mate’s easy-to-use automation and integration platform. By partnering with Autom Mate, Vitel can now offer its customers time and cost-saving automation solutions, enabling them to reduce manual effort and increase efficiency.

Autom Mate’s powerful integration capabilities will allow Vitel’s customers to seamlessly integrate their IT systems and applications, providing a comprehensive and unified view of their business operations.

Together, Autom Mate and Vitel will provide a unique and valuable service experience for businesses in the Turkish IT market. With Autom Mate’s automation and integration platform and Vitel’s added value distribution model, businesses can simplify their operations and enhance their customer engagement while enjoying the financial flexibility, project management expertise, and strong stock management provided by Vitel.

We are thrilled to partner with Vitel and look forward to working together to bring innovative and effective solutions to our mutual clients.

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