Automation makes citizens' lives easier and manages a more efficient paperwork process.

Retail Automation

Automation allows for a more responsive government by connecting citizens with the right information when it is needed. It also helps to reduce fraud, abuse, and errors by eliminating human error.

Automate lets you automatically reach out to citizens and turn them into motivated participants in your government. It creates a powerful feedback loop that helps you understand what citizens need and respond to their needs through the products and services you provide. As a result, governments with Automate will feel more connected to and supported by the people they serve.

Improve Government's

Manage Risk and Compliance

Reduce Human Errors

Use Cases

Citizen Contact Center

Data Entry and Management



Vendor Feature

Omni-channel integration for colloborative event and incident management.

Real Time


Real time notifications with communication applications

Colleboration Icon

Vendor Independent

Integrate and manage your recruitment processes with your organization without

4 Market Place

Market Place

Hundreds of ready to use automation and integration bots.

6 Cloud


Available for native cloud applications and integrations.

2 Ipaas Icon


Ready to use integration bots. iPaaS allows to standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization.

1 Lcap Icon


No code / Low Code platform for integration, automation and AI needs.

3 Ai Ml


Continually machine learning modals on the fly. Drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows.​