RPA and Hyperautomation for Small Businesses: Benefits, Use Cases, Trends


       In today’s fast-paced business landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency and stay ahead of the competition. Automation has become an increasingly popular solution to help streamline business processes and increase productivity. While traditional automation has been helpful, intelligent automation using Robotic Process Automation […]

RPA and Hyperautomation in E-Commerce: Benefits and Use Cases


The e-commerce industry has undergone a massive transformation over the past decade, with the role of automation technologies, particularly e-commerce automation, playing a large part in this change. The rise of automation wasn’t limited to just e-commerce; it was a standout trend of the decade. The convergence of these two major forces was inevitable. The […]

Top 10 IT Processes to Automate with RPA, hyperautomation, and iPaaS

It Process Rpa Integration

Automation is the next big thing in the IT world. Companies are investing heavily in robotics process automation (RPA), hyperautomation, and intelligent process automation software to automate various operational tasks and make their processes more efficient. Here are ten popular IT processes that can be automated with RPA, hyperautomation, or intelligent workflow automation software: 1) […]

Leverage Jira Integrations with RPA and iPaaS for Enhanced Automation

Jira Integrations Itsm

Jira is a software development management tool that helps teams manage projects. It allows you to track changes, issues, and bugs in your IT systems. Jira integrations allow you to connect your system with other apps or services so that they work together as one project management system. This can be done by using Autom […]

The Many Benefits of Automation Technologies, and How You Can Leverage Them

Benefits Of Automation

RPA and automation technologies can help companies streamline operations, accelerate decision-making, and improve customer experience. From improved accuracy and efficiency to cost savings and increased customer satisfaction, the many benefits of RPA and automation technologies are undeniable. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of automation technologies and how you can leverage them. In this […]

Strengthen Your ITSM and Monitoring (ITOM) Application with Integrations

Itom And Itsm Integrations

Deliver the right customer experience, in real-time, with the right technology. Integration is the key that unlocks new possibilities and fully maximises ITSM and Monitoring ITOM application potential.⁣ Figure out the tasks you’re currently doing manually and how these tasks can be automated with ITSM and ITOM integrations.⁣ The success of a business depends on […]

UI Automation vs Back-End Automation

Ui Automation Vs Back End Automation

The future of automation is drag-and-drop, which makes UI automation superior towards back-end automation.  We answered the most common questions on the confusion between UI automation and back-end automation. Knowing what they each entail can help you plan your next initiative with more clarity. Regardless of whether large or small, organisations today are experiencing a […]

Top Automation Trends that are Transforming RPA, iPaaS, and Automation


Automation is the buzzword of the 2020s, and it’s in constant evolution. As a PaaS company that specialises in automation and integration technologies, we’ve made a list of the top emerging automation trends that’ll transform the technology. Automation is a system of rapid growth, continuous innovation and wider adoption. For this reason, automation has never […]

6 Barriers to Digital Transformation

Digitalisation Barriers

In an era where digital transformation is mandatory, you may not believe that there are still so many barriers. As a company that evolves the way businesses work, we have some answers and solutions to digitalisation barriers. Read our blog to see how you can answer the most common digitalisation barriers. Digital transformation creates a […]