Teknorot Success Story

Teknorot is Europe’s biggest manufacturer of steering and suspension components for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industry. Starting its journey with   100% local capital in 1992, Teknorot today continues its production at its own facilities with a total area of 16O.OOO m2, 120.OOO m2 of it being indoors including a large machine park with more than 2.3OO employees in Duzce Industrial Zone. With its global facilities included, Teknorot serves the automotive industry with over 2.7OO employees and 190.OOO m2 production area.

Embezzlement Management and Alert Service Process

Within the scope of the ISO27OO1 information security management system, embezzlement transactions must be made at the beginning, departure, or  inventory  changes  of  the users in order to comply  with  the inventory  ownership  clauses.  The  embezzlement  process  is of great importance both in terms of regulations, the integrity of the inventory, and the reliability of the inventory application. In the company, embezzlement  processes  were tried to be carried out for ISO 27OO1 compliance and the correct follow-up of the  inventory system, but this entire process was on paper and was followed by the IT department. In addition, they were able to instantly monitor all network &  system  devices  and  network traffic via the Solarwinds software they used as monitoring  software  and  immediately receive notifications of interruptions and malfunctions in the system via e-mail.

What was the problem?

Since the forms were followed on paper and the signatures of the administrators were manual and took a long time, the approval process was very difficult to follow, and it was very open to errors and omissions.

Due to the burden of embezzlement on the IT department, there were serious deficiencies and gaps in inventory tracking and regulatory compliance. E-mail notifications about important outages from the monitoring software could not be seen outside of working hours, causing serious downtime and customer dissatisfaction with systems and services.

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AutomMate took a big load off IT team and completely digitized the embezzlement management process. Now we are living the convenience of  tracking through a single platform. Also we were not aware of the critical problems that occurred at night because we did not have a night system and network monitoring team. We are instantly informed from critical system interruptions with instant alert service deployed with AutomMate. AutomMate’s quick and solution-oriented  team  made us complete the project process in a short time.

Mennan Oztürk

IT Director,Teknorot

How was fixed with AutomMate?

AutomMate automatically forwards the inventory request, employment, and exit forms kept on ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus to the manager’s approval, and the approval process proceeds completely digitally; when completed, it automatically creates a form containing the associated inventory, approval dates, approvers, and user information. This form is directly related to the relevant record, and thus it will never be lost. 

AutomMate instantly forwards a critical error notification opened in Solarwinds and ServiceDesk Plus to the relevant people by sending a message and call. If it cannot reach the contact, it escalates the call and updates the relevant record by calling the next contact


The embezzlement management process, which creates a severe follow-up burden on the IT department, has been completely digitized, increasing the efficiency of IT and closing a serious gap in audits. Problems arising from negligence and errors during the follow-up of approvals have been completely eliminated.

For critical system and network interruptions that occurred at night, a call was made to the relevant regional employee immediately, ensuring that the technical personnel was informed about this interruption and the downtime was minimized. They are now instantly informed of an outage that occurred at night, and they solve the problem


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