Titlebg W MiniTitlebg W Vendor-independent ITSM-ITOM integrations for efficient event management in minutes.

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Streamline Your IT Event Management with Autom Mate

Effortlessly integrate your ITSM and ITOM applications and manage critical alerts in real-time, ensuring that your IT team stays on top of potential issues and minimises downtime.

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ITSM Integrations

  • Respond quickly to critical issues and requests by instantly notifying IT staff of important malfunctions or user-reported system outages.
  • Stay informed about incidents and malfunctions and shorten response times with real-time notifications.

ITOM Integrations

  • Don’t miss critical system notifications generated by your monitoring applications like SolarWinds, OpManager, and others. Use Autom Mate to integrate them with third-party communication tools.
  • Receive instant notifications and stay on top of your system’s health through call, SMS, email, and WhatsApp integrations with popular tools like Twilio, MS Exchange, and more.

Enterprise Applications

Integrations with corporate applications such as SAP, Logo, and Mikro enable immediate reporting of any incidents and malfunctions. Notify relevant department managers of errors made in corporate applications or critical situations like delayed shipments or cancelled invoices.

Start unifying your business processes and managing critical incidents seamlessly with Autom Mate's vendor-independent ITSM-ITOM integrations

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