Automation is the key to delivering better employee experiences.

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Hr Integration

Automate Human Resources

HR automation is designed to help you easily navigate the complex world of employer benefits and create a more consistent employee experience no matter where your employees work or what they do From making benefits easy to understand and apply, to automatically enrolling employees in the right plans, to onboarding.​

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User Onboarding

HR Chatbot

Employee Data Management

User Offboarding

sample use cases

Wake-up Service

Wake Up Service

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User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

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User Onboarding

User Onboarding

Application Integrations

Virtual Server Provisioning

Virtual Server Provisioning

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Whatsapp Chatbot for ITSM

Whatsapp Chatbot for ITSM

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Vendor Feature


Omni-channel integration for colloborative event and incident management.

6 Cloud


Available for native cloud applications and integrations

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No Code / Low Code platform for integration, automation and AI needs.

Vendor Feature

Vendor Independent

Thanks to easy integration, the chance to use the products of the best different manufacturers in the field.

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Ready to use integration bots. iPaaS allows to standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization.

Two Way

Two-Way Integration

Seamless and reliable integration thanks to two-way communication between applications.​

3 Ai Ml


Continually machine learning modals on the fly. Drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows.​