Empower Your Team Streamlining Processes with MS Teams and Hubspot Chatbot Integration

Ms Teams, Hubspot Integration

Instant CRM Updates On-The-Go with Chatbot over MS Teams

The integration of Teams and HubSpot provides a streamlined solution for field workers, allowing them to make CRM updates instantly via the Teams platform. The standout feature of this integration is the ability for users to perform actions such as deal updates and deal creations through a chatbot in Teams without the need for any direct login to HubSpot.


Mobile Accessibility: Field workers can update CRM data on-the-go using Teams and the chatbot, enhancing workflow efficiency and flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface:The chatbot interface simplifies interactions, enabling users to easily understand and navigate through even the most complex processes.

Significant Time Savings: This integration, compared to traditional methods, results in faster and more effective processes, ultimately saving valuable time for field workers.

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    Guide to Integrating Microsoft Teams and HubSpot Chatbots

    Login Through MS Teams: Users initiate communication with the chatbot through MS Teams, issuing commands for HubSpot integration.

    Deal Creation: Users can create new deals through the chatbot by providing necessary information, expediting the deal creation process.

    Deal Updates: The chatbot facilitates real-time updates on existing deals. Users can query the current status and make necessary updates seamlessly.

    Other actions: Depends on your need you can add more actions to your chatbot trought Autom Mate’s Flow designer screen.

    AI Power: You can also add ChatGPT Integration to your chatbot conversations to make your Chatbot more wiser!