Vodafone and Autom Mate Success Story


Vodafone Turkey, which is part of the Vodafone Group, one of the largest technology communication companies in the world, operates with the vision of leading the digitalization of Turkey. Leaving 17 years behind in the Turkish market, the company is one of Turkey’s largest international direct investments. Vodafone Turkey serves 24.8 million mobile customers and 1.4 million fixed broadband customers as of the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year.

What was The Problem?

To increase the quality of the password reset service of the Chatbot application currently used in the institution.

How Autom Mate Solved It?

Users can reset their passwords by forwarding their requests such as “I forgot my password” or “I want to change my password” to the Chatbot currently available within Vodafone. For this process, a 6-digit verification code that reaches the registered mobile phone of the user is used and if the verification process is successful, a random password is generated and the password reset process is completed. If the user’s account is locked, they can reactivate their account by requesting “account unlocking” via the same chatbot. With Autom Mate, the connection between the Chatbot currently used in the institution and Active Directory has been made and it has been integrated with PAM applications to increase security