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Build your unified collaboration platform by integrating any kind of third party applications with any messaging application in minutes


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Unified collaboration solutions provide the user can be contacted through communication applications (WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, MS Teams etc…), warnings and notifications are sent from defined or third party applications, requests and complaints of end users can be received through these applications. There are dozens of different communication channels of institutions, and their inability to integrate with each other causes communication breakdowns inside and outside the institution. Insufficient resources allocated to communication channels cause a rapid response to end-user and customer demands and problems.


In this whitepaper, you will get details of the Autom Mate Unified Collaboration bot and its usage scenario in the following integrations;

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  • ITSM Integrations
  • ITOM Integrations
  • System Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • ESM Integration
  • Custom Applications

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