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Easily Integrate Third-Party Apps with Any Messaging & Collaboration App in Minutes

Unified Collaaaabration

Power Your Collaboration with Autom Mate

Streamline your communication with a unified platform that integrates third-party applications with popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Slack. Receive real-time warnings, notifications, and user requests from any channel, and respond to them quickly and effectively.

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ITSM Integrations

  • Communication Apps integration provides easy integration with popular ITSM tools like ManageEngine, 4me, Jira, Micro Focus, ServiceNow, and more.
  • Users can access IT services through familiar communication apps like WhatsApp, Slack, MS Teams, WeChat, etc.
  • Processes that require quick action, such as password resets, are automated, improving user satisfaction.

ITOM Integrations

  • Receive real-time notifications via your preferred communication apps when new alarms occur.
  • Be instantly informed of every event that occurs in your system without constantly checking your email outside of working hours.

ESM Integrations

  • Provide users with access to IT and other business services through the WhatsApp channel they already use, improving adoption.
  • Automate support for document requests and minimise the burden on employees, improving efficiency.

System Applications

  • Automate integration with system software like Active Directory, VMware, File Server, Database Systems, etc., to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • Offer fully automated IT self-service for end-users to improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Custom Application

  • Increase user interaction by integrating in-house applications with your preferred communication channels.
  • Trigger in-house application flows by receiving user requests via communication apps or sending the requested information to users via WhatsApp, Slack, MS Teams, or other preferred communication apps.

Enterprise Application

  • Share data from corporate applications like SAP, Oracle HR, Logo, and more with users via WhatsApp or trigger new flows in these systems via WhatsApp.
  • The system can instantly respond to user inquiries and save time for both end-users and expert personnel.

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