Titlebg W MiniTitlebg W Harness the Power of Procurement Automation for Maximum Efficiency and Savings. Streamline your procurement process and optimise your spending with the help of automation technology.

Streamline Your Procurement Process with the Poer of
Automation & Integrations

Automate your procurement process with Autom Mate to streamline your
operations and reduce costs. From order management and shipping to inventory
control and supplier management, Autom Mate provides end-to-end visibility
and optimisation across your entire supply chain. With our cutting-edge
management systems and technology, you can enhance customer satisfaction,
build better collaboration with suppliers, and make data-driven decisions that
improve your bottom line.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with More Efficient Procurement

Foster Collaboration and Communication Among Team Members

Take Strategic Action Based on Comprehensive Procurement Data

Titlebg MiniTitlebg SAMPLE USE CASES

ERP System Automation

  • Ensure error-free data entry into the ERP system by automating the
    process of reading incoming data regardless of the file extension and
    source, thus aligning data from different applications.
  • Optimize procurement process tasks by automating them with software

Data Entry and Management

  • Streamline time-consuming and resource-intensive tasks related to
    procurement data entry and management through automation.
  • The powerful archive feature keeps procurement data organised and easy
    to find.

Reporting Automation

  • Connect software robots to systems and let them prepare required reports
    and analyse data to ensure the flow of ongoing procurement processes.
  • Ensure high visibility and timely decision-making with automated report
    delivery to managers.