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Transform your HR and IT collaboration with Autom Mate Employee Onboarding service.

Our automation capabilities enable you to automate processes related to user transactions, such as new user creation, update, or closing requests, and ensure timely and error-free execution from multiple channels like ITSM, HR applications, Excel, and email. Process hundreds of records simultaneously, save time, prevent loss of effort, and increase efficiency.

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HR Application Integration

Integrate your HR applications with Autom Mate to streamline your human resources process. Whether on-premise or cloud-based, Autom Mate can handle all kinds of information and updates, such as user employment, exit, department, and title changes. With HR application integration, you can ensure a more efficient and seamless onboarding experience for your new employees.

ITSM Integrations

  • Integrate your ITSM applications, such as ServiceDesk Plus, 4me, ServiceNow, and Microfocus, to automate user operation services for entry, exit, and updates, saving time and resources without any IT staff.
  • Have an integrated human resources process by integrating your system applications with on-premise or cloud-based HR applications such as SAP, or Oracle HR, where all kinds of information and updates such as the user’s employment, exit, or department and title changes are kept.

Custom Application Integrations

  • Seamlessly integrate your in-house application with other system and infrastructure applications with Autom Mate, simplifying your user processes such as hiring and exiting.
  • Empower your users to perform all account operations, such as opening or closing a computer account, creating an email account, or creating an account on the Call Center application, all within their authorisation scope, through integrations.

Automated Active Directory Operations

  • Automate all your Active Directory authorisation and account transactions through Autom Mate, eliminating the need to rely on HR applications, Excel sheets, or forms.
  • Easily integrate various Active Directory operations, such as opening or closing accounts, changing titles, departments, organisational units, mail or security group assignments, by designing them in Autom Mate’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Excel Integration

  • Streamline your HR processes by automating user account transactions via Autom Mate’s Excel integration.
  • Whether you have a corporate HR application or not, Autom Mate’s Excel libraries enable you to automate user operations processes, including periodic checks for user entry, exit, or update information.

Exchange Operations Integration

  • Integrate all mail account transactions with Autom Mate, ensuring prompt creation or closure of user mailboxes according to HR reports.
  • Fulfill work location changes and mailbox storage allocation requests instantly, and prevent user dissatisfaction due to mail quota limitations or delays.

Streamline Your HR and IT Processes with Accurate, Fast, and Reliable Automation

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