Titlebg W MiniTitlebg W Rev Up Your Sales and Marketing with Automation - Streamline your workflows, engage your customers, and drive your business growth with cutting-edge sales and marketing automation.

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Automate Sales and Marketing Process

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to accelerated growth with sales and marketing automation. By integrating these processes with other business units, you can gain valuable insights into your customers, streamline operations, and increase revenue. Get ahead of the competition and revolutionise your sales and marketing strategy with automation.

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Automated CRM Update

  • Automate data entry and maintenance in your sales CRM to save time and improve accuracy.
  • Integration with other applications, such as ERP, ensures consistent data across platforms and reduces errors.
  • Register new customers, deals, and sales in real-time to stay up-to-date with your sales pipeline.

Sales Chatbot

  • Automate follow-up notifications for leads and customise workflows for unique situations to increase efficiency and optimise your standard sales process.
  • Notify your team of new deals, assigned contacts, campaigns, social media messages, or demo requests, and provide actionable steps through the chatbot application.

Order Management

  • Deliver order information directly to your system or integrated accounting software for easy processing of sales orders and closure of invoices.
  • Automate the reading and processing of purchase orders, regardless of format, with sales order automation solutions.

Automated ERP Update

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry and ensure error-free data transfer into your ERP system by utilising automation technology.
  • Our solution can easily integrate with various applications and read incoming data, regardless of the source, to ensure consistent and accurate data alignment.
  • Seamlessly transfer data from HR systems, CRM applications, and other sources to your ERP system in real-time to improve business efficiency and accuracy.