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Manageengine Integration

AutomMate provides integration capabilities between ManageEngine and third party applications.

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Messaging Integrations

Messaging Integrations

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Notification Integrations

Notification Integrations

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ITSM Integrations

ITSM Integrations

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ITOM Integrations

ITOM Integrations

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System Integrations

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CMDB Integrations

CMDB Integrations

Manageengine Integration

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Alert Notification Service

Alert Notification Service

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CMDB Populate

4me CMDB Populate

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Whatsapp Chatbot

Whatsapp Chatbot

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User Onboarding

User Onboarding

Application Integrations

User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

User Password Reset Via Whatsapp

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Robotic Process Automation

Avoid missing critical system notifications with third party communication tools

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Increase efficiency and reduce waste of time and effort

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Automated and integrated ITSM and ITOM processes

Citizen Developer

Unified CI and asset management with CMDB Centrallization

Enterprise Integrations

Provide self-service ESM with Chatbot



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Omni-channel ITSM and ITOM integration for colloborative event management.

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Automated ITSM​

System integrated, full automated ITSM


Chatbot ITSM

ITSM over WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

4 Market Place

Market Place

Hundreds of ready to use automation and integration bots.

6 Cloud


Available for native cloud applications and integrations

5 Ibpm


Hundreds of enterprice application integration bots. iPaaS allows to standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization.

No Code


No Code / Low Code platform for integration, automation and AI needs.

3 Ai Ml


Continually machine learning modals on the fly. Drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows.​

There are many integrations to use ManageEngine more actively and to achieve high efficiency. In this way, users can achieve better results in a practical way. This type of third-party integration not only helps to perform management functions, but also creates synergy.

Take advantage of the opportunity to expand ManageEngine with a wide range of third-party integrations and applications. Depending on the activities of your business, you can choose different types of integrations and make your IT strategy simpler and smarter.

Integrations for ManageEngine offer numerous benefits to users. The main advantages are listed below.

  • ManageEngine integrations allow you to do the same job in less time with less effort. This is something that will directly increase your work efficiency.
  • User-friendly integrations can be learned to be used effectively in a short time.
  • Enterprise integrations ensure that internal tasks are properly adopted by each unit.
  • Integrate with communication tools so that extremely important notifications do not go unnoticed
  • Have the opportunity to get help from chat bots
  • Through integrations, faults are easily resolved by networking teams and can even be intervened and corrected before they occur.
  • Notifications and alerts after the integration can be configured in the flow.

ManageEngine integrations can be likened to multiple capillaries that will enable you to strengthen the main structure. Integrations keeps the system flowing and functioning better. Businesses can provide more flow to the units they want and thus empower them. It is extremely important that every business has the advantage of working with the integration and third-party applications that are suitable for it.

Get support on many issues from communication to operation and increase your productivity with ManageEngine integration systems of AutomMate.  Professional and experienced team will support you in making the right integrations for you.

As can be seen above, ManageEngine integrations offer numerous benefits to the end user. Besides, many different tasks can be accomplished using these integrations. First, the opportunity to integrate your activities across borders is created. Automatically set a trigger or alarm as you target using IT monitoring tools. These alerts then turn into tickets. In addition, with the help of integrations, data is transferred to third-party applications in a short time without any problems.

Demanding increased efficiency in the business can be achieved by proactively monitoring network performance. All network devices, printers, virtual and physical servers are used as performance monitoring tools. By integrating third-party applications, a critical step is taken for the smooth.