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Connect SolarWinds with other applications and services with the power of Autom Mate!

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The Ultimate Integration Solution for SolarWinds and Third-Party Applications

Autom Mate lets you transform SolarWinds alerts into actionable ServiceDesk Plus tickets, sync and update your devices in a centralised CMDB, and receive SolarWinds notifications via your favorite communication channels like WhatsApp, Slack, MS Teams, and more. Streamline IT workflows, improve service quality, and boost productivity with the ultimate automation & integration platform!

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Twilio Notification Service

You can integrate Twilio with SolarWinds and receive instant notifications about critical system issues and job statuses. Whether you prefer SMS, voice calls, or emails, Twilio Notification Service lets you choose your preferred communication channel and customise your messages. Twilio notification integration helps you monitor your SolarWinds environment and respond faster to any problems or tasks.

ServiceDesk Plus Ticket Integration

With ServiceDesk Plus Ticket Integration, you can integrate ServiceDesk Plus with SolarWinds and create, update, and resolve tickets for your SolarWinds alerts. You can also automate your ticket workflows and assign them to the right technicians. ServiceDesk Plus Ticket Integration helps you improve your event management and service delivery.

4me Ticket Integration

  • With 4me Ticket Integration, you can integrate 4me with SolarWinds and automatically create incident or event tickets for your SolarWinds alerts in your 4me environment.
  • You can also update and close the tickets when the alerts are resolved, either manually or automatically. 4me Ticket Integration helps you track and manage your SolarWinds alerts from 4me and ensure timely resolution.

ServiceDesk Plus CMDB Integration

You can integrate ServiceDesk Plus with SolarWinds and automatically import your SolarWinds assets into your ServiceDesk Plus CMDB. You can also keep your CMDB updated with any changes or additions to your SolarWinds assets. ServiceDesk Plus CMDB Integration helps you achieve a centralised and automated CMDB that reflects your current IT environment.

4me CMDB Population

With 4me CMDB Population, you can integrate 4me with SolarWinds and automatically transfer your server and network devices from SolarWinds to your 4me inventory. You can also ensure that any changes to your SolarWinds devices are reflected in your 4me inventory.

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System Efficiency with SolarWinds Integrations

  • Streamline your system software with integrations for Active Directory, VmWare, and more, to save valuable time and reduce unnecessary effort.
  • Respond quickly to critical system alerts by updating relevant resources such as CPU, Memory, and more, or by restarting servers, ensuring smooth system performance at all times.

Stay Alert with Notification Integrations

  • Never miss critical system notifications with third-party communication tools.
  • Stay on top of your system with instant notifications via call, SMS, email, and more.
  • Integrate with popular third-party tools like Twilio, MS Exchange, and WhatsApp for seamless communication.

ITSM Integrations for SolarWinds

  • Seamlessly integrate SolarWinds with popular ITSM tools like ServiceNow, Micro Focus, 4me, Jira and more.
  • Autom Mate simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth experience for IT professionals.

CMDB Integrations for SolarWinds

  • Manage your server and network devices more efficiently with CMDB integrations.
  • Automate the periodic transfer of SolarWinds-managed devices to your asset and CMDB inventory, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Any changes made to the device information in SolarWinds are automatically reflected in the corresponding CMDB record, keeping your data consistent and streamlined.

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