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Integrate WhatsApp Into Your Business Easily

A WhatsApp Business Account is a type of account that enables businesses to communicate with their customers, offering advantages such as customer support, personalized experiences, and effective marketing. Click the button now to become a WhatsApp Business Account holder and take a step towards integrating WhatsApp into your business processes.

Autom Mate offers ready-to-use WhatsApp integration capabilities

Say hello to Autom Mate’s ready-to-use WhatsApp integration capabilities. Create your own chatbot in minutes for your unique business needs and seamlessly communicate with third-party applications without the hassle of coding. Streamline your workflow and boost productivity with Autom Mate.

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User Account Process

Easily automate password reset and account unlocking processes through WhatsApp. Increase user satisfaction by providing quick and efficient support to your employees.

ITSM Integration

Improve IT service management by allowing users to open requests, report incidents, and check status updates through WhatsApp. Streamline IT support and increase customer satisfaction.

Cargo Tracking

Enable your customers to track their cargo using the WhatsApp channel they already use, without the need for additional channels or websites. Enhance the customer experience and reduce support costs.

HR Processes

Automate employee document requests and personal rights inquiries through WhatsApp. Access corporate application data such as SAP, Oracle HR, and Logo, and trigger new workflows to minimise the burden on employees.

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ITSM Integrations

Effortlessly integrate with the most popular ITSM tools like ManageEngine, 4me, Jira, Micro Focus, ServiceNow, and more using Autom Mate’s WhatsApp integration. Automate processes like password reset and provide quick IT services to your users without the hassle of a new channel. Experience IT services with the highest satisfaction.

ITOM Integrations

Stay informed and ahead of the curve with our WhatsApp integration capabilities. Receive instant notifications via WhatsApp for any alarms or relevant warnings instead of sifting through a sea of emails after hours.

ESM Integrations

Improve the customer experience with our user-friendly ESM platform, accessible through WhatsApp. Our quick support team automatically answers questions, ensuring high efficiency and minimising employee workload.

System Application

Streamline your operations with our system software integrations, like Active Directory, VMWare, File Server, Database Systems, etc. Our fully automated IT self-service increases customer and employee satisfaction.

Custom Application

Engage users and enhance the interaction with the applications you’ve developed in-house. Receive user requests via WhatsApp, triggering a flow of your application or sending information requested by the user, all without delay.

Enterprise Application

Integrate your corporate applications like SAP, Oracle HR, and Logo with WhatsApp to access information or trigger a new flow, like sending payroll or answering any question. Increase efficiency and save time for both end-users and expert personnel.

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