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unified collaboration

Unified Collaboration Solution Bots

AutomMate unified collaboration solutions provide the user can be contacted through Communication applications (WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, MS Teams etc…), warnings and notifications are sent from defined or third-party applications, and requests and complaints of end users can be received through these applications.

AutomMate General White Paper

AutomMate is a web-based automation platform that is developed to help you create an automation process for ease of use by all types of users independent of technical level in the Cloud or On-Premises. It includes solutions that automate or integrate IT and business processes or applications.

ManageEngine Integration

 ManageEngine Integration Use Cases

There are many integrations to use ManageEngine more actively and to achieve high efficiency. In this way, users can achieve better results in a practical way. Get support on many issues from communication to operation and increase your productivity with ManageEngine integration systems of AutomMate.

Frequently Asked Questions

AutomMate is an Modern Hyperautomation RPA platform. AutomMate Platform provides an umbrella solution by integrating different manufacturer applications like e-ipaas solutions and provides UI Automation like RPA solutions. Also there is a NO CODE AI builder for your AI projects

Yes, AutomMate has a trial license that is valid for 30 days and gives access to the actual full product during 30 days without any limitations.

AutomMate has 4 different license models:  Starter, Growth, Pro and Enterprise. AutomMate is licensed according to the number of flows.

Flow is automation where you design the processes you want to automate. Each flow can have unlimited action and at the same time, 1 robot can run unlimited flow.

AutomMate has a drag and drop editor that allows you to design your processes without requiring any coding knowledge. By using ready-made libraries actions, you can design and commission your processes without writing any code.

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