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Titlebg MiniTitlebg Frequently Asked Questions

Autom Mate is a web-based hyper-automation platform that enables users of all technical backgrounds to create automation processes for Cloud or On-Premises. It offers a library of ready-to-use actions, simplifying the automation of manual tasks through a drag-and-drop interface. With a focus on service engagement, operations, and intelligence, Autom Mate optimizes workflows, making service technology excellence accessible to all.

Autom Mate offers a trial license. You can get to know Autom Mate closely for 14 days, and for more, you can contact us.

Autom Mate offers two types of licenses.

  • Platform on Prem License: This base license includes 2 flows and is designed for on-premises deployment.
  • Cloud Platform License: Similarly, the base license includes 2 flows and is tailored for cloud-based deployment.

Both license types can be expanded incrementally, allowing you to increase your licenses as needed.

Flow is a sequence of actions that can be used to automate complex workflows. It consists of a series of actions coordinated between start and stop steps, which can be triggered by various initiators. Each flow can contain a maximum of 400 actions, and an agent called ‘mate agent’ can run an unlimited number of flows simultaneously. This enhances your efficiency when handling large workloads. However, if you are performing UI automation, you cannot run multiple flows with multiple UI actions simultaneously.

Autom Mate has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to design your processes without requiring any coding knowledge. By using ready-made library actions, you can design and commission your processes without writing any code.