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Embrace the future of retail with Automation

Automate your retail processes to boost efficiency, reduce labour costs and provide superior customer service. With Autom Mate, retailers can streamline inventory management, order processing, and fulfilment, resulting in improved accuracy and availability. Simplify your retail operations and stay ahead of the competition with our retail automation solutions.

Reduced Labour Costs

Easier Risk Management

Reduce Human Errors

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Inventory Management

  • Automate your inventory management process from order fulfilment to invoicing and inventory counts to optimise your inventory levels and avoid stockouts.
  • Automatically generate inventory reports and alerts to keep managers informed and enable timely decision-making.

Automated ERP Update

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors and integrate incoming data from various sources into your ERP system seamlessly with Autom Mate.
  • Boost productivity and focus on high-level tasks like production planning, reporting, invoicing, and order processing, while software robots handle the rest for you.

Customer Service

  • Automate customer requests coming through IVR and mail systems and provide solutions to customer problems with artificial intelligence support.
  • Provide quick access to customer information, previously reported issues, policies, and account details for the customer service agent, enhancing their ability to provide personalised and efficient service.

Order Management Automation

  • Streamline your sales order processing and invoice creation by delivering order information directly to your system or integrated accounting software.
  • Our sales order automation solutions can read purchase orders in any format, making it easy to process orders from multiple sources.

Invoice Process Automation

  • Automatically associate incoming orders with relevant purchase orders and generate invoices, eliminating the need for manual data entry into ERP systems.
  • Reduce errors, save time, and prepare financial closing reports faster while satisfying suppliers and customers.