Increase Customer Service Quality With RPA and Chatbots

It’s undoubtedly the age of consumption. Therefore, the demands are increasing day by day. As it has always been, what is necessary for businesses is to reduce costs and increase sales while meeting these demands. Customer service is one of the issues that almost all companies should pay attention to.  According to consumer experience survey statistics, almost 76% of consumers consider customer service a measure of how much a company values its customers. Fortunately, customer service automations are here to transform the customer experience.

Benefits Of Customer Service Automation

Anyone who wants to improve customer service mostly pays attention to the following: Increasing brand awareness, increasing trust in the brand, obtaining high sales, and maintaining the number of customers. When a business tries to communicate with its customers through a voice response system (IVR) or long e-mails, customers can easily abandon their transactions because they cannot easily report their requests or complaints. This causes the business to lose potential customers. At this point, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and chatbots are a lifesaver in customer service automation.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables some robots, which can also be called intelligent software applications, to perform certain tasks. Software robots do things that humans can do. For example, these robots can understand things displayed on computers, navigate systems, perform keystrokes, and reveal data. In addition, customer service RPA software robots can automatically perform all given tasks much faster and more accurately than humans. 

RPA can be integrated with a chatbot so that it can access data and store information with legacy systems via APIs. There are various RPA providers that can be integrated with chatbots.

How Can Customer Service Improve with RPA and Chatbots?

RPA and chatbot technologies have many advantages in terms of customer service. Some of the benefits’ are:

Reduced Costs

RPA customer service tools save costs, which in turn leads to increased efficiency. When it representatives use a system that works with RPA and Chatbot, the average processing time (AHT) is considerably reduced. Therefore, processing costs are also reduced.

Faster Processes

With the combination of Robotic Process Automation, chatbots can easily navigate legacy enterprise systems to gather information. Thus, this process is much faster than when a manager is involved. 

Additionally, RPA and chatbot tools provide a more personalised customer experience. In chatbots used by companies, a solution is provided by offering options based on the specific problem or request a customer has.

Process Improvement

RPA improves the predictability of processes, complies with regulations, reduces errors, and increases efficiency. In general, it ensures that changes in the system are recorded without errors. RPA customer service bots run audits and keep work processes up to date.

Customer Service Rpa Use Cases

Improving Customer Experience

According to statistics from Microsoft, approximately  58% of American consumers are considering switching companies because of poor customer service. RPA improves customer experience and provides better quality service. Customers can reach businesses 24/7 thanks to the created chatbots. These chatbots ensure that the right people can be matched with problems. 

Most people wait in line to talk to customer service representatives, and sometimes they may not get any feedback. This is a very bad situation for a business. But thanks to RPA technologies, this will no longer be a problem.

Improvement in Business Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not the only issue associated with RPA technologies. The use of these software robots is also very important for managers and employees. Employees spend a lot of time and effort finding and monitoring customer information in too many systems. RPA customer service technologies ensure that all these processes are completed quickly and that these tasks can be fulfilled. As a result, business lead times are reduced, and better assistance is provided.

Competitive Advantage

With the integration and automation of chatbots, the customer service offered by companies has become much better. Undoubtedly, this situation enables these companies to stay ahead of their competitors. 

How to Use RPA in?

RPA technologies used in customer service include options such as automating call centre stages, creating chatbots to communicate with customers, and implementing voice assistants. Used to automate customer interactions, RPA can deliver more straightforward customer inquiries and immediate responses.

RPA customer service enables improved customer service by reducing administrative office workloads. These software robots can collect data from specific systems, fulfil requested services and update customer records. Considering all these, customer service is also accelerated and facilitated. When most of the regular, mundane tasks are delegated to robots, all agents must do is focus directly on customer engagement.

RPA technologies provide optimisation in various areas when used in customer service departments of e-commerce businesses. Examples of the use of these software robots in e-commerce include:

  • Shortening the transaction process in call centres
  • Order tracking automation,
  • Improving First Call Solutions (FCR) rate
  • Integrating chatbots with RPA and AI
  • Management of online review
  • Automation of loyalty campaigns


What is the Top RPA Uses in Customer Service?

RPA uses in customer service are mostly related to the development of chatbots. RPA is often used to automate many customers’ service-related tasks. Some of the essential use cases for customer service RPA include:

Automating Common Customer Questions

RPA customer service bots or AI-based customer service chatbots can handle some customer service without any problems. Some of these are those:

  • Updating password and login information
  • Updating changes such as changing the delivery address and requesting returns on orders
  • Making changes to the payment methods of the order, such as credit card or cash on delivery

RPA customer service automation chatbots save a lot of time in understanding and resolving customer issues. Using chatbots saves businesses hundreds of hours of customer service per month. The use of chatbots, which has become very common today, has helped to solve many customer problems. Problems that cannot be solved through chatbots are handled by directing them to a human.

Automatic Customer Refunds

Sometimes, returns may be requested by customers, and businesses may be required to issue refunds. At this point, RPA technologies are frequently used to automate customer refund processes. This automation process with RPA is very useful for customers who want to receive their returns quickly. As a result, these rapid interventions greatly increase customer satisfaction.

Understanding Customer Complaints

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), RPA customer service bots can understand written customer complaints, extract this data, and enter all this information into text documents. These result texts may be:

  • Sent to appropriate customer support personnel
  • Used to understand the problem pattern
  • Registered for compliance and auditing

Of course, it should not be forgotten that if all these reporting processes are automated, a great deal of time will be saved.

Partner Assistance

RPA technologies also greatly help the agents of any business. RPA bots can do many things, from partner onboarding to providing needed information or documents.

Autom Mate Chatbot Automation and Integration Service

Autom Mate assists organisations in their digitalisation process. Providing Digitisation Framework, Robotic Process Automation, Enterprise Integration Platform (eiPaaS), and AutoML solutions for businesses and organisations to achieve their goals, Autom Mate integrates many texting apps, including chatbots, into processes.

In the end, RPA customer service technologies enable businesses to automate time- and labour-intensive tasks. Also, the customer service RPA used to capture the data greatly improves customer satisfaction by reducing the risks of human error and communicating with customers in a faster and more personalised way.