Gartner® Use the Service-Optimizing IT Operating Model to Run IT Like a Business

“Business today requires IT organizations to move from reactive, internally focused order takers to proactive, business value-producing service providers. By adopting the service-optimizing IT operating model, CIOs can evolve IT to optimize business performance through IT services and products.”

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In this report, Gartner explores how IT can become more aligned with business strategy and actively contribute to business goals through a service-oriented model.

The report highlights the following key points;

  • CIOs who currently operate within a technology- or IT-centric view of the enterprise find themselves under increasing pressure to become more proactive and business-focused as a trusted business partner.
  • Shifting from an IT-centric orientation to a business-centric direction requires the CIO to create a culture that prioritizes internal customers, or consumers, and the value contribution to enterprise objectives.
  • The service-optimizing IT operating model provides the foundation to enhance and deliver services that enhance or contribute to business performance through IT.

According to Gartner, “CIOs looking to become a trusted service provider and business partner should:

  • Initiate the transition to service-optimized IT operating model principles by developing a business-centric service portfolio that links meaningful value with achieving strategic objectives.
  • Adopt this model only when your IT organization demonstrates foundational capabilities of efficient and effective delivery that keeps the business running.
  • Define and manage services that leverage a product management discipline and successfully meet business needs at a cost the business is willing to pay.

According to Autom Mate: This report clearly highlights the need for IT departments to become more aligned with business strategy and play a more active role in achieving business goals. As a hyperautomation platform, Autom Mate provides critical tools and solutions to facilitate this transformation. Autom Mate helps IT become a proactive business partner by :

  • Automating tasks (freeing up time)
  • Understanding business needs (better service targeting)
  • Building strong relationships (improved trust and alignment)
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability (service catalogs & SLAs)
  • Measuring and improving performance (continual optimization)
  • This enables IT to contribute strategically and deliver value to the organization.

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GARTNER Use the Service-Optimizing IT Operating Model to Run IT Like a Business, Joanne Kopcho, Brandon Germer, 1 February 2024

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Titlebg MiniTitlebg Frequently Asked Questions

Autom Mate is an RPA platform powered by artificial intelligence. It helps automate routine tasks through %100 web-based drag and drop design center without any coding knowledge. Autom Mate Platform provides an umbrella solution by integrating different manufacturer applications, and thanks to the marketplace that includes ready-to-use bots can be automated your process in minutes and monitored their progress status.

Yes, Autom Mate has a trial license that is valid for 30 days and gives access to the actual full product during 30 days without any limitations.

Autom Mate has 5 different license models:  Starter, Growth, Pro, Enterprise, and Larger Enterprise. Autom Mate is licensed according to the number of flows, and some add-ons, such as OCR, AI Center, come as bundles to depend on the license type. If an addon that you need is not in your current license,  it can be purchased additionally.


  • OCR (It comes with the Growth license model and above)
  • Process Builder (It comes with the Pro license model and above.)
  • App Builder (It comes with the Enterprise license model and above.)
  • AI Center (It comes with the Large Enterprise license model)

Flow is automation where you design the processes you want to automate. Each flow can have unlimited action and at the same time, 1 robot can run unlimited flow.

Autom Mate has a drag and drop editor that allows you to design your processes without requiring any coding knowledge. By using ready-made libraries actions, you can design and commission your processes without writing any code.