5 Steps When Adopting Automation for Your Enterprise


With the development of technology, business processes have become more efficient and practical with automation technology. For this reason, many businesses, new or old, include automation in their business management processes. In this way, they achieve more effective results. Automation technology can improve business management in many different dimensions. Of course, this has different methods […]

What are the Most Popular Hyperautomation Use Cases for Enterprises?


Today, automation systems have started to take over many manual processes in almost every industry. These automation systems enhance product and service speed, success, and reliability. They use less human workforce while working faster. Therefore, a lot of different business sectors use and adapt automation systems in their work processes. However, the pace of development […]

What is Hyperautomation and How Does It Change the Future of Work?

Hyperautomation And Rpa

Hyperautomation is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking technology trends of the 2020s. It may sound futuristic and grand, but it’s the end-product of technologies that are changing the workplace. So, what is hyperautomation? Due to its end-to-end automation model, hyperautomation is a strategic technological trend that has been widely adopted by many enterprises. With […]

Enhance the Capabilities of ManageEngine Applications

Manageengine Integrations

AutomMate provides integration capabilities between ManageEngine and third party applications. Enhance the capabilities of your ManageEngine application with other apps integrations like messaging notifications, administration and more… ManageEngine is a product family that includes solutions such as ITSM, ITOM mobile, endpoint management that IT managers use to manage systems around the world. ManageEngine products can […]

What is a Citizen Developer?

Citizen Developer

Every year in the tech industry, we hear a lot about “citizen developers”. They are becoming increasingly common and are often seen as the solution to all of our professional problems, such as hiring, managing processes and services, and even many technical challenges.But what exactly does a citizen developer look like? What is their role? […]