Partnership Announcement: A New Era of ITSM Excellence with Autom Mate and IT Pillars

It Pillows

We are thrilled to announce a significant step in our journey towards ITSM excellence – our
strategic partnership with IT Pillars, a leading force in ITIL Consultancy & ITSM tools

Since their inception in 2010, IT Pillars has been instrumental in shaping the IT service
management landscape in Saudi Arabia. Their sterling reputation for delivering exemplary
services across both private and public sectors makes them an ideal partner for us at Autom
Mate. With our partnership, we are more whole than ever in creating the perfect, automated
& integrated ITSM infrastructure. Here’s how our partnership will make a difference in
creating easier ITSM experiences.

Enhanced Integration and Implementation:

With Autom Mate’s prowess in ITSM integration solutions, we can offer IT Pillars and their clients a more seamless experience when integrating various ITSM tools, which is particularly valuable for IT Pillars as they implement and consult on these tools for their clients. The outcome is a smoother, more
efficient implementation process, ensuring that IT systems work in harmony without
compatibility issues or integration hiccups.

Elevating IT Service Management:

The collaboration means that IT Pillars can now leverage Autom Mate’s advanced automation capabilities in their consultancy and implementation projects. The integration will revolutionize managing IT services by introducing more efficient, automated workflows. The outcome here is a significant enhancement in the efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery, leading to quicker resolutions, improved user satisfaction, and a more agile IT department.

Empowering Strategic Focus:

With routine tasks and processes automated thanks to Autom Mate’s technology, IT departments of IT Pillars’ clients can shift their focus from day- to-day operational tasks to more strategic, value-adding activities. This shift in focus is a key outcome of the partnership, where IT teams are now free to concentrate on innovation and strategic initiatives, driving their organisations’ overall growth and digital transformation.

Comprehensive ITSM Solutions:

Together, Autom Mate and IT Pillars can offer a more robust and comprehensive ITSM solution package. Our unified approach combines strategic ITIL consultancy with practical, automated ITSM tool integration, providing clients with a complete solution from planning and strategy to implementation and management.

Creating a Future-Proof IT Ecosystem:

The partnership aims to address current ITSM challenges and anticipate and prepare for future demands. With Autom Mate’s innovative automation and integration technologies and IT Pillars’ strategic consultancy, clients can expect an ITSM environment that is scalable, resilient, and ready for future technological

In essence, our partnership is not just about enhancing services – it’s about reshaping the landscape of IT service management and automation. Together with IT Pillars, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service, fostering innovation, and creating a future where technology and operational excellence blend seamlessly.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, pioneering new solutions and charting
the course for a smarter, more efficient tomorrow.

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