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Autom Mate No Code AI enables deployment, management, and continuously improves machine learning models easily with power of Tom Mate. Simply drag and drop ML models into your flows via Autom Center, and start automating cognitive processes. No data science background required!

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No Code AI unified deployer manages project files movement between Tom Mate and Autom Center, design nodes and production nodes for batch and real-time scoring. Project bundles package everything a project needs from the design environment to run on the production environment. With No Code AI, data scientists can see all the deployed bundles, and data engineers of IT operations can quickly know when a new bundle requires testing and roll-out.

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To aid in the feature engineering process, Autom Center automatically fills missing values and converts non-numeric data into numerical values using well-established encoding techniques. Users can also create new features using formulas, code, or built-in visual recipes to provide additional signals to improve model accuracy. Once created, Autom Center stores feature engineering steps in recipes for reuse in scoring and model retraining.

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Autom Center UI Recorder actions can perform operations, fill out forms, prepare reports, enter and compare data in an application interface like the end-user.

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