Automation increases the competitiveness of retail companies.

Retail Automation

Automation is a powerful way to make retail companies more competitive. It increases customer satisfaction, reduces labor costs and streamlines business processes.

The role of retailers is to help customers buy, not to sell. This is one of the reasons why automation is so crucial for retail businesses. The benefits of automation include improved customer service, increased inventory accuracy and availability, reduced materials handling costs, more efficient order processing, increased throughput for pickers or packers, easier replenishment and faster fulfillment of orders.

Reduced Labor

Manage Risk and Compliance

Reduce Human Errors

Use Cases

Inventory Management

ERP Update

Customer Service

Order Management

Invoince Process


Vendor Feature

Omni-channel integration for colloborative event and incident management.

Real Time


Real time notifications with communication applications

Colleboration Icon

Vendor Independent

Integrate and manage your recruitment processes with your organization without

4 Market Place

Market Place

Hundreds of ready to use automation and integration bots.

6 Cloud


Available for native cloud applications and integrations.

2 Ipaas Icon


Ready to use integration bots. iPaaS allows to standardizes how applications are integrated into an organization.

1 Lcap Icon


No code / Low Code platform for integration, automation and AI needs.

3 Ai Ml


Continually machine learning modals on the fly. Drag and drop ML models into your automation workflows.​