Top 10 IT Processes to Automate with RPA, hyperautomation, and iPaaS

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Automation is the next big thing in the IT world. Companies are investing heavily in robotics process automation (RPA), hyperautomation, and intelligent process automation software to automate various operational tasks and make their processes more efficient. 

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10 popular IT processes that can be automated with RPA, Hyperautomation

1) Invoice Processing

Invoice processing is one of the core IT processes that can be automated with RPA, hyperautomation, and iPaaS. By automating this task, businesses can streamline the process, improve accuracy, and reduce the risk of errors. This can help to save time and resources, which can be reinvested in other areas of the organisation. Invoice processing is a repetitive task which means that it’s performed by employees over and over again every day. It’s also a manual task that can be automated using RPA, hyperautomation, or iPaaS solutions.

2) Data Entry and Data Processing

Data entry and processing are another set of repetitive tasks that you can automate with Autom Mate Solution. This can include entering data into a database, updating information in a form or spreadsheet, and extracting information from documents (like a medical record) to create reports.

3) HR Processes

The automation of HR processes is one of the most exciting areas for RPA, hyperautomation, and iPaaS. In fact, it’s often one of the first places that organizations turn to when looking at automation software. This is because HR processes are so time-consuming and important to an organization’s success. However, they’re also generally done manually by employees who have to go through many steps in order to complete them.

  • Automating employee onboarding makes sense for any company because it saves you time and money while helping new hires become productive faster than if they were manually onboarded. 
  • The process typically involves multiple manual steps that involve extensive data entry into different systems, including spreadsheets and databases. 
  • However, with RPA & hyperautomation, you can automate these tasks allowing your team more time doing what matters most: finding more qualified candidates!

4) Customer Service

Customer service is not only a high-volume, low-value process but also one of the most important functions of any business. With over 80% of customers leaving their money with companies that provide great customer service and support, businesses are finding more ways to enhance their customer experience.

Automating this process can help improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. In fact, according to our research at Automate 2015 – The Conference on Robotics and AI, 85% of businesses feel they need RPA or hyperautomation to improve their customer service.

There are many ways to automate customer services processes: 

  • From robotic assistants and chatbots for self-service, all the way up to fully automated emails answering queries about products or membership status changes
  • If it’s happening online between people, then there’s probably a way you could automate it!

5) Procurement

Procurement is a key process that can be automated. RPA can help with sourcing, supplier management, and procurement management. For example:

  • Contract management and contract compliance (Automate repetitive tasks with contract lifecycle management using Automate)
  • Supplier performance management (Dynamically monitor supplier performance against agreed-upon KPIs to ensure the best service quality by automating the end-to-end process for continuous improvement)

6) Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales processes are often repetitive, which can make them ideal candidates for automation. When you use RPA to automate marketing and sales, you can increase productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete your tasks. This is especially true when it comes to the IT process of automating marketing and sales tasks, as RPA can help reduce manual errors that happen when people are performing repetitive tasks. By automating these processes, businesses can streamline their operations and free up time and resources to focus on more value-added activities.

Automate Marketing & Sales Processes

Autom Mate’s solution for marketing & sales automation is designed to help small businesses improve their marketing efforts through the automation of manual workflows performed by employees in these departments. The solution also provides a way for employees to submit new ideas or requests into the system so they can be reviewed by managers before being implemented by an approved worker using iPaaS (integration platform as a service) capabilities we offer with XaaS products like ServiceNow or Salesforce Service Cloud.

7) IT Support

 IT support is a process that is often overlooked. In order for the business to run efficiently, it’s important to have a process in place for handling all IT requests.

RPA or iPaaS can be used to automate the IT support process. RPA helps with trouble tickets, whereas iPaaS takes care of user help desk tickets and other requests from end users.

8) Change Management

Change management is a process of managing change in the workplace. Change management helps an organisation make sure that any changes it makes are implemented in a way that is mutually beneficial for everyone involved and that risks are minimised as far as possible.

Change management usually involves a change manager or project manager who oversees all changes made to an organisation, whether they be technical or administrative. The person responsible for overseeing these changes will usually have to fill out some paperwork, ensure proper training occurs before work begins on new projects, and keep track of how much money has been spent on each phase of development so they can report back to their superiors if necessary.

It’s often said that change management is important because it can help reduce costs and free up valuable resources within an IT department by making sure no unnecessary spending occurs during a project.

9) Financial Processes

Financial processes are often the most complex, requiring a high level of accuracy and time-consuming manual work. They also require a high level of trust, as they are heavily regulated and sensitive in nature.

These processes include:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll processing
  • Accounts payable processing

10) Legal Processes

Legal processes are complex and time-consuming. But with the help of RPA, you can automate this process of data collection, analysis, and review to reduce the cost of legal processes.

RPA can help improve the quality of legal processes by reducing human error and ambiguity in contract management. With RPA at your disposal, you’ll have access to a set of tools that can easily understand context based on language or terminology used within contracts; this will help reduce any manual errors made when reviewing contracts.

Favourite Helper in Automation & Integration: Autom Mate 

4Me Integrations

Automation systems are used to improve productivity and reduce costs. Autom Mate is a leading provider of automation solutions that allows companies to automate their business processes.

The IT process of integrating your automation systems with various technologies can make them more efficient and allow for better results. We have helped many clients automate their businesses effectively, and we can help you too!

By utilising our automation solutions, businesses can streamline their operations and free up time and resources to focus on more value-added activities.

  • The first step towards automating your business is to choose if you need an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) or a Hyperautomation solution. Both offer the same benefits but provide different features depending on your specific needs.
  • Autom Mate iPaaS Technologies – An iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is an easy way for developers or non-technical staff members to build custom integrations into other applications without needing any programming knowledge at all! Our iPaaS offers data synchronization between two systems, data transformation from one format into another before being sent over an API connection, or even just simply sending out emails using webhooks triggered by events occurring within our platform such as when someone logs in/out of their account etcetera – whatever it may be that needs to be done at no cost unless it becomes more complex than what we’ve outlined above which would require additional cost than charged accordingly depending on the complexity involved.

Autom Mate, which is among the most preferred automaton and hyper-automation providers, allows you to easily manage all your IT processes together with the above processes. You can also choose the most suitable app integration for your workflows from the marketplace and start using it.

Automation is the future of business, and we’re excited to be part of that movement. We know that our customers are looking for ways to reduce costs and free up resources so they can focus on; what matters most: serving their customers.