7 Ways Automation Streamlines HR Processes

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Robotic Process Automation is a technology that emerges as a tool that digitises the work done by humans after machines. Automation systems have been included in the workflow in many different fields around the world, especially in the finance and telecom sectors, and very successful works have been achieved. However, automation applications have recently become remarkable, especially in human resources management.

In HR automation, robots aim to minimise human effort and time by automatically performing time-consuming operations such as understanding screens, identifying and extracting data, and navigating between systems. This article has compiled various information about automation technologies that make your HR processes more efficient and practical.

The Future of Improving HR is All About Automation & Integration

In human resources, RPA can be seen as a support. For example, it automates simple but time-consuming tasks such as filtering suitable candidate profiles for recruitment. In this way, repetitive operations in office and administrative works are no longer time-consuming for employees. HR automation is systems that help companies reduce cost and human effort. Improving HR automation is not robots deciding on recruitment; it is using the system efficiently so that the HR officer makes the final decision. This saves time, money, and labour.

In the studies conducted, 45% of HR departments perform HR automation in their daily tasks, making their processes more efficient. However, it has been determined that 7 out of 10 businesses have more efficient process management with HR automation. In addition, it has been determined that up to 54% of businesses using HR automation effectively perform HR automation in their recruitment processes.

Hr Automation Use Cases

While IT support is required for software automation in some processes, with HR automation, HR employees can perform process designs more quickly and efficiently with their basic computer knowledge. Thus, process management independent of IT is realised. HR automation is the standardisation of different software and desktop applications within a certain process and providing a simple use.

Benefits of HR Automation

It is an undoubted fact that the workflow process has become much faster and more efficient with improving HR automation. In addition, this process is much less costly with various integrations and designs. Here, you can see the main automation HR use cases and benefits listed as follows:

  • Efficiency increases with fast processing and complete data sharing
  • Preventing loss of time by performing error-free process management
  • Evaluate performance by giving feedback
  • Supporting target-oriented studies with statistical analysis
  • Eliminate storage and printing costs
  • Eliminate legal issues and compliance risks with policy updates
  • Performing efficient recruiting
  • Complete and error-free data storage, file archive creation
  • The realisation of smart business decisions
  • Having and developing a qualified workforce
  • HR data analysis, performance evaluation, problem identification


How Automation Improves HR Process Management

HR automation ensures that the business process is carried out efficiently.

Hr Recruitment Automation

The main automation HR use cases and the benefits it provides are as follows:

1. Employee training and relationships:

HR automation has an extremely life-saving role in managing some orientation processes, providing basic pieces of training, and developing relationships with new hires. Employee training and relationships develop faster with HR automation. In this way, the adaptation process is quickly overcome, and the new employee starts his new job without losing his productivity.

2. Recruitment Processes:

The recruitment process takes place by combining many different processes, such as filling out forms, collecting CVs, and interviewing. This is an extremely important process for the sustainability of the business, and this must be done carefully and accurately. With the continuation of specific processes such as form, the final decision in recruitment is left to authorised persons. Thus, competent and suitable candidates are determined.

3. Candidate Developments, Performance Management, and Observations:

HR automation, which starts with personnel recruitment, is not limited to recruitment. Post-employment and ongoing development of the employee is also provided by HR automation. In this way, it analyses and evaluates employees with many different arguments, such as performance measurements and evaluations. In this way, the most accurate analysis of employees is made. With the correct performance management, the necessary support is provided, while at the same time, deficiencies are eliminated. Thus, employee performance is closely monitored, negative factors are eliminated, and positive factors are supported.

4. Data Management and HR Analytics:

A data pool emerges with the work done by the employees within an enterprise over time, as well as the company’s internal performance. HR automation provides great convenience in operations such as managing this pool correctly, keeping archives, and instantly accessing the desired data. The use of HR automation in data management and HR analytics has an extremely positive effect on the sustainability of the business.

5. Form Printing / File Receive, Export, Import:

Instead of using an employee for processes such as in-house file submission, form creation, and file receiving, the whole process is automated, with only one improving HR automation. This saves time and employee productivity. However, mistakes are frequently seen in manual form and file works, but this process can be managed completely error-free with the developing HR automation.

6. Bug Reviews:

Errors are an inevitable reality in businesses that prefer to do many operations manually in HR process management. However, since HR automation includes error investigations in form, password, and file operations in the HR management process, it immediately reports the problem by debugging so that the process is managed without errors

7. Saving the Data in the System and Realising the Activation in the Recruitment Process

Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging, error-prone, and time-consuming processes in improving HR operations is recording the recruited candidates in the business system, ensuring their activation, and sending the necessary e-mails. This whole process can be carried out in a practical, fast, and error-free manner thanks to successful HR automation. Thanks to HR automation, registration is made in the system using form data, necessary activations are carried out, and then the necessary e-mails are sent to the relevant people. All that remains is to examine and control the mail. That’s how simple recruitment is with HR automation.

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