Partnership Announcement: Autom Mate and Nebula Bilişim – Revolutionizing Cybersecurity in Automation Together!


We’re thrilled to share the news of an exhilarating partnership between Autom Mate and Nebula Bilişim, the trailblazers in innovative cybersecurity solutions in Türkiye. Our union signifies a groundbreaking stride in integrating state-of-the-art security into our sophisticated automation solutions.

Meet Nebula Bilişim: A Leader in Cybersecurity Innovation

Since 2005, Nebula Bilişim has been redefining the cybersecurity landscape with its unwavering commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Their portfolio boasts top-notch enterprise products, including advanced security solutions like Trellix Web Security, innovative digital forensics tools like Binalyze, and secure management systems like SecHard Privileged Access Manager. 

With a robust suite of threat intelligence and compliance services, backed by all-encompassing consulting, implementation, and training support, Nebula Bilişim stands as a paragon of comprehensive cybersecurity expertise.

Synergistic Power of Autom Mate and Nebula Bilişim: A Secure Automation Journey!

Fortified Automation Ecosystem: Imagine the power of Nebula Bilişim’s ironclad security solutions woven seamlessly into Autom Mate’s next-gen automation platform. Yes, we’re talking about an ultra-secure automation landscape where every process is a stronghold against cyber threats!

Dynamic Threat Intelligence in Action: With Nebula’s real-time threat data enriching Autom Mate’s platform, we’re bringing to life adaptive and resilient automation workflows. It’s all about staying one step ahead in the cyber defense game!

Revolutionizing Incident Response: We’re turbocharging incident response with Autom Mate’s RPA magic – automating data collection, analysis, and reporting. Combine this with Nebula’s forensics and incident response wizardry, and you get a supercharged approach to tackling security incidents faster and smarter!

Streamlined Compliance at Your Fingertips: Dive into the world of hassle-free compliance with our combined strengths. Nebula’s deep security insights, together with Autom Mate’s automation prowess, means generating compliance and security reports is now a breeze!

What This Partnership Brings to the Table

Skyrocketing Efficiency, Plummeting Costs: Leveraging our strengths, we’re all set to boost operational efficiency like never before, leading to significant cost savings.

Expanding Horizons, Reaching New Markets: Together, we’re ready to conquer new territories, tapping into each other’s customer bases and expertise.

Innovation and Leadership at the Forefront: Join us as we lead the charge in developing cutting-edge security solutions and best practices.

Building More Secure Automated Future Together

Our journey to success is paved with mutual understanding, aligned goals, and dynamic collaboration. With a clear vision and robust communication, the Autom Mate and Nebula Bilişim partnership is all set to revolutionize the way businesses approach cybersecurity in automation.

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