Global Fortune 500 Listed Koc Holding and Autom Mate Success Story

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Koç Holding, has taken responsibility for many breakthroughs from 1926 to the present, from Turkey’s industrialization to globalization during its journey of nearly 100 years. In addition to its turnover and exports, Koç Group is the biggest conglomerate of companies in Turkey with its share in Stock Exchange Istanbul, the taxes it pays, and the employment it creates. Koç Holding is listed on Fortune Global 500.Koç Holding has leading positions with strong competitive advantages in the energy, automotive, consumer durables, and finance sectors, which offer high growth potential in the long term.

Koç Holding Success Story Autom Mate

Today’s era, end-users are looking for better, automated, consistent and easy experience on every minute of their working experience, we have made that expectation done with Autom Mate.

Instead of a complicated service catalogue and wait times, we choose an instant serving model with Autom Mate’s Chatbot over Whatsapp.

Tevfik Can Altunsoy

IT Specialist

Why WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp is a communication tool that is preferred and used by everyone in every field today. For this reason, it is preferred as a communication channel in our business life as well as in our daily life. Users mostly tend to keep their habits. This requirement creates the need for companies to offer WhatsApp as a communication tool to their employees and users.

Problem Denifition

IT and other business units offers hundreds of services to end users, but users have able to access these services using different application interfaces. Instead of accessing services offered through different application interfaces end users were using old and traditional methods, they lost on crowded and complicated different interfaces.

After a while, end-users couldn’t use the IT and HR Service Catalogue, which was created with great efforts, and in this case the investment of Service Catalog lost its meaning. The time allocated to repetitive services made it difficult to allocate time for the projects that needed to be done to catch up with the era. Even for Password reset request end-users needs to effort for ticket creation, ticket response.  and same stuck in IT side to solve end-user requests.

Koç Holding Success Story
Koc Holding Success Story

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..Since our ITSM solution is used as an ESM platform, we were able to use these services in non-IT departments and present the repetitive and robotized processes specific to their departments to the user experience with Autom Mate over WhatsApp. 

Together with Autom Mate, we have a Digitized and Robotized Service Catalogue. In this way, we have transitioned to time-saving, cost control, improved customer experience, and a predictable service management model.

Tevfik Can Altunsoy

IT Specialist


With the WhatsApp integration offered by Autom Mate, the 4me application, which is the ITSM / ESM software used in the company integrated with various websites, HR and IT services, API’s and the local intranet.

End users can easily access all IT and Human Resources services via WhatsApp, without having to use a new channel, and can check the status of problems or requests they have opened before. From the question of “Menu of lunch today” to the “Live Status of KOC HOLDING shares” they can ask and informed instantly.


In this way, a happier end-user group created, without changing user habits, without having to use a new channel, and easily access the services offered regardless of location and without having to need of VPN.

The workload of IT and HR business units has been decreased. IT and HR departments has automated their service offering to their end-users with power of Autom Mate’s automation features and collaboration power of integrated Whatsapp. Now we offer automated services to end-users instantly, hassle free and reportable, directly to their cell phones.

Koç Holding Success Story
Improved User Experience
Increased Efficiency
Integrated Processes