Turcas Petrol and Autom Mate Success Story

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With a history of 92 years, Turcas Petrol is an oil and energy-focused investment company that participates in leading companies in their sectors. Turcas has structured its operations in two main areas: Fuel Retail and Lubricants and Electricity Production. Shell & Turcas Petrol, a participant of Turcas in the fuel and mineral oils sector, is among the leading companies in the Turkish economy with its network of more than 1,150 Shell-branded stations, fuel terminals, mineral oil production, and marketing activities throughout Turkey.

Turcas Success Story Autom Mate

In our institution, the workload on our Information Technologies employees was very high due to the scattered structure in the embezzlement management process.
We did not have enough time to adapt to a new process that would correct this situation and change our current habits. However, this dispersed structure caused us to experience problems especially in gulation inspections or the inability to perform inspections on time.
At this point, we met Autom Mate

Hasan Ali Kendir

IT Manager


Problem Denifition

Due to the fact that the forms were followed on paper and the signatures of the managers were manual and took a long time, it was very difficult to follow the approval process and was very open to errors and omissions. Due to the burden on the IT department of embezzlement, there were serious deficiencies and gaps in inventory tracking and compliance with the regulation, and sufficient time could not be allocated.


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… We have automated our approval process
in the SDP application, we currently use. Thus, all processes were gathered under a single roof, and the scattered structure was corrected, and the problems arising from negligence and errors in this process were eliminated. Since this situation provides a great job comfort and ease of follow-up on our Information Technologies employees, we both increased the productivity of our employees and left behind stressful times by preventing any vulnerabilities that may occur
during audits.

Hasan Ali Kendir

IT Manager



Autom Mate  automatically forwards the inventory request, employment entry, and exit forms kept on ServiceDesk Plus to the manager’s approval, and the approval process proceeds completely digitally, and when completed, it automatically
creates a form containing the associated inventory, approval dates, approvers and user information. This form is directly related to the relevant record and thus will never be lost. It can be stored or used by printing on paper when desired.



The embezzlement management process, which creates a serious work and follow-up burden on the IT department, has been completely digitized, increasing the efficiency of IT and closing a serious gap in audits. Problems arising from negligence and errors during the follow-up of approvals have been completely eliminated.

Improved User Experience
Increased Efficiency
Integrated Processes