HDI and Autom Mate Success Story

Success Story Hdi

HDI Insurance completed its corporate formation in a short period of time and offers superior service and new products to its policyholders with its Central Anatolia, Marmara, Aegean, Southern Anatolia, Black
Sea, Mediterranean, Istanbul Regional Directorates, Samsun Regional Directorates and specialized agencies. International AG is part of Talanx AG, Germany’s 3rd largest insurance group, which operates in 150 countries around the world. The headquarters of the group is located in Hannover, Germany. Talanx AG, which includes many brands, operates in approximately 150 countries around the world.

What was The Problem?

The company faced challenges in ensuring compliance with ISO 27001 inventory ownership regulations, as manual embezzlement processes, IT department oversight, and a cumbersome approval system led to trust issues, errors, missing inventory, and increased workload.

The company faced challenges in their software development life cycle (SDLC) as end users reported errors through ServiceDesk Plus (an ITSM application) instead of Jira, causing disruptions in the maintenance phase, resulting in manual and time-consuming transfers of requests and actions between ITSM and Jira to address these issues and prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Claims were being submitted via email to the F1 application used by HDI Insurance, but they couldn’t be easily tracked or followed up on, creating difficulties for multiple individuals within the same agency who wanted to monitor or inquire about these claims submitted by others.

How Autom Mate Solved It?

Thanks to the full integration of both inventory ownership management and ITSM application with the Jira application in the company, the non-value-added workload on IT employees was completely eliminated, as well as enabling auditors to access the data they need faster during both global and local audits. With the end-to-end integration of manually tracked bug logs, the rate of resolution within the SLA period increased significantly. In addition, thanks to the agency portal integration, confusion about the opened requests and their status was prevented. This has made end users more satisfied with the service they receive.